Where can one learn about dataphor?

The dataphor website is just a placeholder; the recent blog entry mentions that dataphor is still happening but to a newb there are very slim pickings. I would like to gain a general understanding of what dataphor is all about and how/if people are using it for real, esp people outside dcg. I have not built the sln - is there any real intro to the product buried in there? Is that the only way to get exposure to dataphor?

What little I've read of dataphor sounded great but it's pretty disappointing to find it in this state. Hopefully it's not as faded/sideline-ish as it appears to be.

C.J. Date & Sample Libraries

Depending on what you know about relational theory, a good place to start is the book "What Not How" by C.J. Date: http://www.amazon.com/What-Not-How-Application-Development/dp/0201708507...

Another place to glean quite a bit, particularly in the area of presentation, is in the Sample libraries. I refer to Sample.Components quite often. Search Sample Components in the chm. Here's the list:

Alphora Dataphor Help Collection
Samples are available for the components in the Sample.Components library

This list shows which sample the components is highlighted in.
BlockAction - Sample07
CallAction - Sample07
CheckBox - Sample09
CheckBoxColumn - Sample03
Choice - Sample09
ClearNextRequestAction - Sample06
Column - Sample01
CustomFilter - Sample07
DataArgument - Sample08
DataScriptAction - Sample08
DateTimeBox - Sample10
EditFilterAction - Sample07
Exposed - Sample02
FindAction - Sample01
FormAction - Sample06
Frame - Sample10
FullLookup - Sample04
Grid - Sample03
Group - Sample01
HelpAciton - Sample02
HtmlBox - Sample05
Image - Sample03
ImageColumn - Sample03
LookupAction - Sample04
Menu - Sample02
Notebook - Sample10
NotebookFramePage - Sample01
NotebookPage - Sample10
NumericTextBox - Sample09
QuickLookup - Sample04
Row - Sample01
ScriptAction - Sample07
Search - Sample07
SearchColumn - Sample07
SequenceColumn - Sample06
SetNextRequestAction - Sample06
SetPropertyAction - Sample01
ShowFormAction - Sample06
ShowLinkAction - Sample05
Source - Sample01
SourceAction - Sample08
StaticImage - Sample03
StaticText - Sample08
Text - Sample08
TextBox - Sample01
TextColumn - Sample03
Timer - Sample10
(Multi-Table Hierarchy) - Sample11MTH
(Single-Table Hierarchy) - Sample11STH
See Tree/Explode in the next section.
Trigger - Sample01
TriggerColumn - Sample03

Tim Harrell

There's detailed info available

There's detailed documentation in pdf and html formats (I'm using the last commerical version (2711) in the downloads). I'm sure some of the experts will reply to questions you post here. I also blog quite a bit about dataphor with many examples/explanations. Don't give up, it's well worth the effort. There's nothing quite like it:)

Much more on dataphor @

I'd not seen the msi before

I'd not seen the msi before on the download page because it's extension is cut off in the listing. Now I've installed the binary 2711 and I'll see what I can gather from the docs there. Thanks.

The dataphor files are at http://databaseconsultinggroup.com/downloads/ in case anyone want so find them.

Release notes

There are release notes with the v2711 (fix list, know issues, impact assessment). If you don't have them contact me by email (via my blog) and I'd be happy to send them to you.