SAS device

Has anyone successfully used SAS as a device? I'd like to see a sample SAS register script.

Nate - could you possibly supply another hint (or two) about your secret project?:)


SAS Device

Hi Steve,

Apologies for the delays, we're really busy buying gold :).

I have successfully used a SAS device, and even got an application working that used a SAS device and an Oracle device together. However, that was several years ago, and I'm not sure that the current SAS device would still work with the latest version of SAS. Also, I haven't looked at SAS lately, but at that time, it was almost impossible to get a development copy of SAS, so we had a very hard time getting a test environment put together.

All that being said, you're welcome to try to get one working, the source for the SAS device is available with the rest of the Dataphor project (thankfully, the Dataphor repository is still functional).

Here is a sample SAS device:

create device SAS
reconciliation { mode = { command }, master = device }
class "SASDevice"
"Location" = "SASLocation",
"ServerID" = "SASServer"

CreateDeviceUser("System", "SAS", "SYSTEM", "SASPassword");
CreateDeviceUser("Admin", "SAS", "SYSTEM", "SASPassword");

Bryn Rhodes
Database Consulting Group LLC