Ideas to enhance dataphor website and increase contributions, usage and popularity


I have some ideas to enhance dataphor website and increase contributions, usage and popularity:

Get an opensource JIRA license (it is free), that way it will be easier to report bugs and/or submit patches if we have fixed or enhanced something (

The wiki based site was a good idea, but it has been lately under attack from spammers, we need to prevent those attacks using CAPTCHAs.

I you downloaded the last setup file of dataphor, you know it has a really excelent pdf based documentation, I would like to volunteer for copy&pasting and wikifying it in to the wiki based dataphor site (currently down), that way it will be enchanced by the community and it will also act as a way to promote this project in the general developer community, I learned a lot about the advantages of Dataphor thanks to this PDF file, but whenever I want to share this knowledge with someone else I find I can not simply "share an url pointing the manual" the way I can do it with other opensource projects.

Do you have other proposals?



Ideas to enhance dataphor website and increase contributions, us

Any idea to generate more interest is a good idea:) Why don't you think about blogging about Dataphor. Give developers examples of things they can sink their teeth into:)

steve dassin


The Dataphor documentation in the past was written in some type of help file markup language and automatically converted to PDF. If the documentation is still maintained it should be convertible to HTML. Nate and Bryn, what do you think?

Dataphor Documentation Originals

We do still have the original source files for all the Dataphor Documentation. It was all written in DocBook format, so it is all XML. In addition, a lot of it was generated from the Dataphor catalog itself using a custom D4 library, so this is definitely a possibility, it would just take some work to get the DocBook source translated to a wiki format, and the reference generators tweaked to output wiki instead of DocBook.

Bryn Rhodes
Database Consulting Group LLC