Web Work

I am returning attention to Dataphor after a few years. I am going to be doing some work with a new web front end. I am going to focus on a data access API that makes sense for Ajax style communication. Then the goal will be to write UI rendering code for exist tools like jQuery. I don't really know how this will all shake out, but I just wanted people to know that I am working on it if you want to collaborate.

When I have some code I'll share it and if it compliments the project it is yours.


Up Set

Web Work

Yes, that is great news. Please feel free the use the wiki and be transparent so that we avoid duplicate work. We appreciate the effort, and welcome you (back) to the community.

Roughly speaking, what we currently have outlined is a "rich" Dataphor "client" which is a server which exposes a simple object synchronization API with Silverlight and Flash.

Nathan Allan [Alphora]

Web-enabled Dataphor Clients

Hi Up Set,

That's great news. As a matter of fact, at the last Dataphor review, we discussed adding a common framework that web-based clients such as Flash, Silverlight, and AJAX could all take advantage of. We would be very interested in a collaborative effort to add such an API to Dataphor.

Bryn Rhodes
Database Consulting Group LLC